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THE WORLD OF DESIGN... and how we see it

The world of design is diverse and complex, yet nevertheless fascinating. To us, it is our livelihood, and one that never ceases to intrigue us. As graphic designers, we create visual concepts, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers, based on our client’s needs. Therefore, as visual-thinking problem solvers and communicators (charged with the task of solving specific communication challenges and achieving specific creative outcomes) we remain up to date in knowledge and practice regarding colour knowledge and theory, colour psychology, the elements and principals of design, an understanding of branding, logo design and advertising/marketing strategies and trends in all of our design projects/tasks. Our articles (blog) illustrate these thoughts and research as a guide to help you better decide on the best design choices and/or strategies (that we apply) to help you and/or your business/company. Please have a read!

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