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While Graphic and Web Design is our main source of business, we recognise a gap in the market for custom made gifts, using Graphic Design elements as the hero. Covering various gift ideas, we invite you to browse the samples below, and contact us for any details or to place your own order.


Including Property and Project Marketing

Whether you are a property developer, real estate agent or private lister/seller, in our current economic environment, selling property is challenging. Selling a home can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience, more so if it’s your own, a successful marketing solution that seals the deal, produces powerful advertising tools that work with what the market demands of today in an increasingly competitive, media dominated industry, can assist in making this journey as stress-free as possible.


We offer complete packages for selling homes, apartments and developments, with an aim to maximise market exposure and achieve a higher sale price, for you. With the inclusion of a wide range of deliverables, from print to digital marketing strategies, helping you to stand out, get attention, get remembered, and more importantly… close any deal as quickly as possible. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to tackling the selling of a home and we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to property or project marketing. We consider the seven Ps of the marketing mix theory to sell property; product, price, place or positioning, promotion, people, physical representation and process. This ensures your pride and joy reaches the right audiences and influences consumer’s buying decisions, ultimately resulting in one final P… Profit!

We work on the principle that Real Estate marketing should be 1% of the estimated sale price, but generally we can do even better.

For Teachers & Their

Students today, whether primary, middle or secondary, are immersed and engaged by a world of visuals. So, why should there classroom be any different? We work with teachers to make this a reality as a way of making effective teaching tools for your classrooms. 


Focusing on a specific unit of work that you teach within your curriculum or generally within certain subject areas, our classroom infographic posters can be tailored to your needs and then rotated as needed. Choose one of our posters already designed or provide us with the information, quotes, statistics, specifics etc that you want focused, and we’ll design a visual stimuli to enhance your teaching and learning environment.


No matter the subject area or year level, our posters are designed to be absorbed by your students, whose eyes register over 36,000 visual images per hour and whose brain sensory input is 90% from visual sources, resulting in two-thirds of the brain’s knowledge absorption on the basis of vision and visual memory. 


Inspire your students to learn and stimulate their interest in the topic being taught with our posters that effectively illustrate concept, skills and information that will not only compliment what and how you teach, but brighten up your classroom.

Gifts For A New Born 

Have you ever wondered what to get that special new person who has recently entered the world? Need a unique and touching gift for a son, daughter, niece, nephew or godchild? Or, as a parent, you want to capture those magical moments and memories as a feature piece in a nursery of child’s bedroom? Welcome to the World Birth Keepsake Canvases (baby canvas wall art), by iRH Designs are individually custom designed to each individual child, capturing  the memorable and magical moments of their birth, their personality, spirit and gender. Composed as canvas art, with full involvement from the parent or gift giver, featuring the child’s full name, date of birth, place, time, weight, length and either a photograph, name meaning, gestation period length and/or astrological traits.


Available in ready to hang canvases, as a cushion cover or as a door handle hanging, these gift ideas will brighten any nursery or children's bedroom and last all the way to be re-shown at special milestone birthdays, such as an 18th or 21st, in the future.


With over 80 colour combinations, and a plethora of templates and typefaces to choose from, you can guarantee a design perfect for your child.


Perfect for new borns, toddlers or small children, as a gift from their parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles, god parents and/or family friends.

Family Tree and Signature Birthday Canvases also available.

Gifts For Pet Lovers

Dedicated to Bonnie, Jackson and Toby (our inspiration), 3 beautiful Dachshunds, our online store Designer Dachshund is dedicated to dog owners and lovers, offering custom designed products and gift ideas such as Phone Cases, Mouse Pads, Mugs, Cushion Covers, Drink Coasters, Aprons, Tea Towels, Bumper Stickers, Playing Cards and More ... 

Our store also offers seasonal styled gift wrap, and greeting cards all custom ordered, for any occasion, or just because you love your pets and consider them family too.

We are forever expanding our products and although focussed on Dachshunds at the moment, we will be adding other breeds. In the meantime, we will gladly design something unique for our customers, so please contact us for ideas and we will work together with you to make your “pet” dreams come true.

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Notification Cards For New Parents

The perfect way to show off the arrival of your new son or daughter. Each card design is individually custom designed to feature the new born's full name, date of birth, place of birth, time, weight, length and either their name meaning, astrological traits or special verses/comments.


Designed in two (2) sizes, A5 (148 x 210 mm), or most popular, A6 (105 x 148 mm), they are easily mailable to friends and relatives, capturing the intricate moments and details of how they entered the world.


Please Note: Photographs to be included in the design of your Birth Notification Card need to be provided, so speak to your birth suite / maternity ward staff for their photographer or photography options.

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