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It is vital that you (the Client) take time to read through these thoroughly, ensuring you fully understand our Terms and Conditions and their implications before you commence any project with us. Please note that from time to time IRH Designs may need to alter these Terms and Conditions without notice. Please contact us if you do not understand or have any questions regarding the content of these documents.

The above links have been made available as downloads from our website and should be read fully and filled in and signed by you (the Client) at the beginning of commencing work with us. Please then email it back to us, acknowledging your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, as IRH Designs will not be able to begin work on your design job until these have been acknowledged/accepted by our Clients. You can either fill in and sign the downloadable attachment and email it back to us or read through the Terms and Conditions online and acknowledge your acceptance below. Doing this, will therefore constitute a contractual agreement between us, involving fees and charges, for the duration and completion of your designs.

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