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Frequently Asked Questions

What is graphic design?

In general terms, graphic design is the process and art of combining text and graphics and communicating an effective message in the design of logos, graphics, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs, and any other type of visual communication. Today's graphic designers often use desktop publishing software and techniques to achieve their goals; however, iRH Designs can also incorporate hand illustrated work if you so require.

Why do I need a graphic designer?

If your goal is to simply create and print your own material from your desktop printer for personal use such as greeting cards, flyers, or craft projects using desktop publishing software, then chances are you will not need a graphic designer. What a graphic designer will bring to your process is an in-depth knowledge of graphic design and the elements and principles of graphic design, as well as the software skills required to use desktop publishing and image programs. A graphic designer will also be conversant in the process of preparing files for use by others - be them printers, web programmers and developers or online Web hosting providers, ensuring the trouble-free output of your finished communication piece.

What does a graphic designer actually do?

A designer is a communicator of your idea, your product and your solution to the world. With training or experience as a visual communicator and problem solver, a designer will combine your content with elements, colour, typography, line, space, shape and balance to create a finished communications piece for your business or organization. iRH Designs will work with you to explore different options or design directions to solve your particular communications challenges. A designer will also prepare the 'mechanical requirements' of your finished piece and prepare it to the specifications of a printer, magazine, Web host, programmer or developer or any other output medium, to ensure trouble-free output of a final finished product (such as a printed flyer or a Web site).

Can you do a quote for me?

Yes, after you contact us and we begin the discussion of your design needs, iRH Designs will generate a quote for you, which will include the design and/or printing costs. We are not a printing company; however, we have a strong relationship with local printing companies and can source the most affordable and appropriate printing company on your behalf. Such quotes, for printing, can be generated as part of our services or separately. Moreover, we are happy to provide you with the design service alone, if you wish to source your own printing company closer to you and will advise you on what to ask your preferred company to ensure the best results.

Can you design a logo for me?

Yes, we understand the vital role a logo can play in promoting your business and/or organisation. Most logo designs are based on a fixed price package, so please contact us if you would like further details.

What is the process for getting a logo designed?

For all our logo design projects, we complete 2 or 3 initial draft concepts, based on the initial consultation with you. These can be either hand illustrated or done digitally in black and white. After further consultation with you the client, 3 sets of revisions to one of the concepts will be done digitally and forwarded to you for review. This process can be altered slightly if needed. Ultimately, once you have selected the design you like, we selected the colour options for you and present more options of the chosen design in colour. The Final Logo is supplied to you as a master file, in colour and mono sent to you via email. We can provide your logo design in AI, JPEG, PDF and PNG files. Included in our package is a single page style guide showing type faces and colours used for your new logo design.

How long before I see my first designs?

Depending on the type of project or design requirements, you should see initial design concepts anywhere from 24 hours to 5 business days after the start of the design process.

Do you design business cards?

Yes we do. Again, we understand that one of the cornerstones of any business is a business card. It is the first impression you present to any prospective client, buyer or member of the general public. Even in the digital age, almost every business, company or individual, still needs some of these little advertising tools in their back pocket. Whether you want to stand out by making yours a little different, we can assist you with the design including the possibilities of rounded corners, matte or lux finish, ultra-thick and/or folding, to make yours stand out from the competition. We will liaise with our local printing companies and provide you with quotes for the quantity you need and the finish you require. See above question for more information regarding liaison fee and how you may choose to pay for your business cards.

Can you make me a website?

Yes we sure can. Please note, iRH Designs will only design the look and feel of your website. We can help you work out the frustrating process of wireframes, layouts, workflows, site maps and so on and provide you with either a working prototype or visual sample of each page, to get an idea of what your site might look like. Once any additions and changes are made by you based on the design concepts presented, and you sign off on the final design, we will source a web programmer on your behalf, to bring your website to life online. Such additional companies will require their own fees for the programming of your website, but we can generate quotes from them again at a liaising cost. This cost may be long going if we need to further communicate with the web programmer, depending on the complexity of your website. Timeframes for such projects require a design stage, by iRH Designs, and the coding time a programming company or web developer requires to get your site up and running. We can generally give you some idea after liaising with them, the total timeframe, but each website and its complexity is very different from the next. Any fees to the web developer or programmer can either be included as part of your design quote with us, or separately through them directly, the same as if it were a printing design. Either way, throughout the development process, we will communicate directly with the web programmer/developer to ensure what you see in the finalised approved design by us, is what you get. Moreover, if you require the registration of your own domain, we can guide you through this process or do it on your behalf for an extra fee. Unfortunately, iRH Designs will not host your website after the design process, but can advise and/or arrange hosting services with the web development/programmer you choose or another company.

Do you do concepts?

Yes, if you would like to see concepts for your project before deciding if we are the right freelance graphic designer for your project, then we would be happy to quote on this for you. These designs will contain a watermark for our own protection.

What if I don’t like the concepts?

While we make every effort to ensure we can delivery a project that meets your brief, if you don’t like our concepts, and we cannot get them to approval with some minor changes, then are you free to not proceed with your project and just pay for work completed to date.

Will I own the copyright to my logo design?

Yes, once you have paid for your logo design in full, the ownership of the design belongs to you. However, with your permission, we will request the use of it for our own marketing examples. You will need to read the copyrighting process available at www.copyright-australia.com and IP Australia www.ipaustralia.gov.au

What is the situation with using Images?

Images that have been cut and pasted or inserted into any Microsoft document (i.e. Word or PowerPoint) are not of a high enough resolution for us to use in our graphic design services. Similarly, we cannot use images off Google image searches, or any other images not owned by the client, due to copyright and intellectual property laws and guidelines. Contact us for more information regarding this, as we can assist you in sourcing images through online companies and/or photographers that might be useful. All/any images we use, require a 300 dpi resolution and proof that they are owned by you as the client. Please note that the use of stock image libraries and photographers often will have their own restrictions.

Can I have the design files?

Generally we don’t release design files to clients. Payment to iRH Designs is for our services to design your project and for the final artwork. The ownership of the working files always remains with the creator (i.e. iRH Designs). Therefore if clients want to, they can purchase the working files from us at an extra cost. In such cases, the copyrights of that final individual artwork are then transferred to you and you own them. We own the rights to any creative concepts not chosen.

How can I protect my business name?

Generally, businesses, including corporations, protect their trade names by registering their trade name as a service mark or trademark if the trade name also functions as a service mark or trademark. Depending on your country/state of origin, different laws govern the protection of your business name. Because of the legal complexities involved, we recommend that businesses obtain private counsel to get advice on how to protect a trade name.

Do you require a deposit and what are your payment terms?

For all graphic design and web design services we require a 50% upfront payment for all new clients. This is payable within 7 days prior to commencement of your project and to ensure work can begin as soon as possible. This will only be relevant after our initial discussions have taken place and you have received your prospective quote. Once you agree to our terms and conditions issued with your quote, the 50% upfront fee will be payable within 7 days. If you decide to stay on as a long-term client, each additional service after your initial design, will require a 25% upfront pre-payment for each project to commence, again based on an agreed quote. The final amount for all finished designs are payable within 7 days of you receiving the final result.

What are your payment terms?

In most cases, payment is required within 7 days of iRH Designs releasing the final digital files to you, unless prior consent has been requested. For long term, regular clients we offer 14 and/or 30 day terms.

Do you work on an hourly rate or fixed price?

Both. We prefer to quote for all projects so that you and iRH Designs know what we are in for, but we understand that such a situation is not always ideal. Any additional changes, amendments etc will be charged at an hourly rate on top of the agreed price for packages.

What type of payment do you accept?

iRH Designs accept payment in the form of cash, cheque, electronic transfer and credit cards (fees apply).

How can I ensure I stay within my budget?

Each design process varies, but that is why iRH Designs offers packages, to help you reduce your costs for design services. Further help from you the client, can make the process more time efficient and more likely to remain within budget. The following tips may be useful: - Be as specific and clear as possible in your brief, i.e. what it is you require; - After initial contact has been made and you have paid your 50% deposit for us to begin work, supplying us with information, text, images etc makes our job easier. We understand that this is not always applicable, but our input to us solving your design problems is vital to the process, so the more you can provide, the better things will be; - Be clear as to who in your company or organisation has the point of approval. All concepts and future designs can then be emailed to that chosen person directly, so that the process of signing off on any design ideas is done swiftly; - Keep corrections and alterations to a minimum and again be as specific as you can. The cost of many simple corrections/changes is not about doing them, but rather the process; i.e. receiving the change, briefing us, retrieving the job, making the change, re outputting a proof, sending the email, logging the correction in the time sheet and closing the job. By sending through all corrections together will save time and money.

Can you organise my printing for me?

Yes we can. As part of our graphic design services, we offer to all our clients print management. We can take your graphic design project, once final design has been approved by you and work closely with a variety of printers we deal with locally. We will organise printing quotes for you on your behalf with one of our local printing businesses; however, we are more than happy for you to source your own, if you find one more local to wherever you are. If you choose to go through one of our printing businesses, then a small liaison fee will be charged and any postage of getting your printed material to you, will be discussed as per Australia Post’s prices. Printing fees are at the discretion of the relevant printing company. Payment for their services can be paid to us and needs to be immediate payment as that is how our printing affiliates operate, but you can liaise with them after our recommendation to pay them separately if you would prefer.

How long with my printing take?

Printing time frames vary from job to job. Once we receive your approval of your final design which we will have emailed, we will liaise with our local printing businesses to generate an approximate timeframe. Timeframes with our printing affiliates vary depending on their job loads; however, we have found that immediate payment for their printing services generates faster printing results. Furthermore, if postage is required to get the finished printing job to you, you will need to factor in such timeframes with Australia Post’s prices and options.

How many revisions am I allowed in my project?

All quoted projects have an allowance of 2 sets of client amendments. You are free to make more than 2 sets of changes, but for all quoted projects any additional changes will be charged at our hourly rate.

How do I get started with my project?

As a very broad generalization, our design process follows the following steps: 1. Contact us to initiate communication with a brief description of your design needs. This is preferred to be done via email or through our website’s contact page. 2. We will then be in touch with you to clarify your requirements or provide you with a price quote for your project, ether via email or phone. 3. Once you have accepted the price quote, a 50% deposit will be required before work can commence. We will then be in touch with you further to conduct more thorough creative research about you, your company/product/service and your design tastes and requirements. 4. Armed with your creative input, we will provide you some general designs within 5-10 business days for your feedback. 5. You will provide comments about the first round of design concepts. 6. There is a series of design/feedback/redesign/feedback cycles as your comments and changes are integrated into a more refined design. Generally, this can be done in two separate revision stages. See “What is the process for getting a logo designed?” question above. 7. Once you have approved a final design, we prepare the final files for delivery. 8. Final files are delivered to you along with the project invoice. 9. You provide payment within 7 days; however, timeframes are generalized, and can be adjusted to match your schedule.

How do I communicate with my designer and iRH Designs?

Once we start the design process you can communicate with us in a variety of ways: - most conveniently, by email - by messenger (Facebook) - by phone, SMS or WhatsApp

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